We did it! Even without radio or any major ads. It’s easy to forget that behind every digit is a person who decided to vote for me for a reason. I want to extend a thank you to everyone who have put their faith in me and voted for me. I also want to extend a special thank you to the many volunteers who got the message out, most especially my family. Finally, I’ve said from the beginning that the campaign is in the Lord’s hands, so I thank Him for the opportunity to serve. I hope to continue on and in January being to steward county resources to the best of my abilities and as wisely as I can.
If you look at the numbers, townships where I am well known voted very strongly for me, such as my hometown. Now we set our sights to the fall, and the key to the campaign will be letting the voters know me. I’ll be spending a lot of time working to get to know as many citizens of Warren County as I can. If there are any events you would be willing to invite me to attend, please contact us at info@benkafferlin.com and I’ll make every effort to be there.